Artistic Drawing

Meet our artisan Matteo and dive into his work

It is time to slow down, chill and appreciate the art of true artistic manufacturing.

Discover the artistry of an antique trade, the beauty of Venetian Glass Making Tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art


Focus on: drawing techniques

The Iustitia mirror from the Venetia Collection is one of the symbols of Arte Veneziana.

This kind of mirror was born in Murano and uses the engraving technique together with the lightness of the crystal roses decoration. Originally the nobles preferred to affix the coat of arms to the crest to symbolize the power of the family [...]

Who does it?


Our younger artist

Matteo is 29 years old and he is passionate about art, comics and museums. He graduated at the art school and took comic drawing classes immediately after.

He is a real pro in drawing and glass etching techniques (also called "molatura").

Matteo lives with his colorful parrot Loky and trustful dog Indiana (Jones).

Things he loves? Super-heroes movies and his Van Gogh's painting inspired tattoo.

Drawing to make you dream


Matteo helps visualizing client’s will

Once the client has spoken to the sales department we explain to Matteo what the customer's wishes and tastes are.

Matteo does his magic with a pencil in his hand and a lot of creativity and skills.

He studied art and sculpture at high school in Venice, that’s why he has this particular touch.

What are the benefits?


We help you choosing the best option

Through a well executed drawing each client will be able to understand if he/she like the proportions, materials, the etching and balance.

Are you a designer? Is something swirling around in your mind? We can help you realising your concepts by creating the perfect tailor-made solution you are dreaming of

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