Silvering and glass cutting

Handing down the skills

Meet our prince of mirrors Mirco and dive into his work

It is time to slow down, chill and appreciate the art of true artistic manufacturing.

Discover the artistry of an antique trade, the beauty of Venetian Glass Making Tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Frog Prince

Focus on: silvering and cutting of Venetian mirrors

Step into the magical baroque world through an evocative journey into the world of Fairy Tales with Frog Prince; a bold mirror, exaggerated and stunning, yet romantic and elegant.

Simply put: maximalism at its best! Multiple mirrors of Venetian engraved glass in medium antique finish, decorative leaves, curls rosettes and twisted ropes in crystal Murano glass.

Who does it?


Our prince of mirrors

Mirco, the youngest of the company, is only 22 and has been with Arte Veneziana since 2018. He is a kind and quiet young man who lives in Asseggiano with his family.

His greatest passion is football. Mirco is a huge fan of the Venice Football Team and plays 5-a-side, he's said to be very good too.

Like most young guys, he likes to hang out with friends and watch films. He does not like reading much, but when he does, he reads detective novels.

His favorite food is eggplant parmigiana.

Silvering and glass cutting


Mirco & his artistic work

Although Mirco is rather young, he came into the world of craftsmanship with an open heart and mind.

Learning from great masters, guiding him through the acquisition of the necessary skills to then flourish into a confident and creative artisan.

Mirco’s tasks are machine operated glass cutting and silvering. Both fundamental to the creation of mirrors, skills which require great precision as well as an artistic hand.

His passion has grown due to the fact that each silvered mirror is unique.

Something amazing and surprising to see happen.

From cut glass to mirror


Mirco & his originality

Mirco supervises the waterjet operations in glass cutting, doing it manually when the machine can’t reach the desired spot.

At this point, it is ready for engraving, bevelling and silvering.

Mirco can balance the concentration of silver to create any bespoke finish, contemporary, or light, medium, heavy antiquing just like the precious mirrors used in Venice’s glorious past.

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