Completing a glass puzzle

The art of assembly

Meet our master assembler Nicola and dive into his work

This is the time to slow and chill and appreciate the art of a truly artistic manufactory.

Discover the beauty of an antique work the beauty of Venetian glass tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Griffon Console

Focus on: assembly techniques

Griffon console belongs to the Champs Élysées family line.

Hand carved griffon’s paw-shaped base with gold leafed finishing. Four shaped legs joined together with a shiny gold coloured brass rope.

The result is a precious and unique jewel.

Who does it?


Master of assembly

Nicola, 52 years old, spent his childhood in Martellago where he attended secondary school.

He later moved to Noale where he currently live with his wife and two children aged 12 and 21.

He likes playing five-a-side football and sometimes reads books about world-known athletes.

In the future, he hopes to still work for Arte Veneziana because it is the job that has formed him the most, technically and personally.

The art of assembly


Ready to be shipped

His great passion for his work and 36 years of experience at Arte Veneziana make Nicola one of the most experienced and careful assemblers in the company.

His work consists of combining the result of engravings, wooden structures and glass; creating the finished product.

The must-have tools for his job are his hands, a few screws and a lot of precision.

What are the benefits?


Great responsibilities

Difficulties in this laborious work can always be around the corner: the pieces on Nicola's workbench are very fragile and he can't risk making mistakes because of their uniqueness... Long story short, it's all in his hands!

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