Artistic Tradition

Rothko Contemporary Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Despite the great attention to its Venetian roots and artistic tradition, Arte Veneziana is always searching for new trends and new concepts of luxury.

From Milan, New York to Paris, just a few cities where our designers are based. Arte Veneziana has been their utopia where creating minimal or circular mirrors, amongst other pieces, is made possible. New techniques have been studied in order to give a cooler allure and allow them to fit into any modern space and contemporary home.

Handmade Luxury Mirror

Rothko Contemporary Mirror

Oval-Shaped Mirror

All supporting structures of “K.” Collection have been designed by joining points in space.

These structures define clear and three-dimensional geometries, in contrast with the spotted texture of the flat surface of each piece.

Metal frames serve as a pure structural support of the “lunar” surfaces, which play the main character in this collection.

"This collection has been developed in opposition of mere design themes. Art is the reference point, which constantly brings personal expression into interiors. Expressiveness is combined with both formal and functional aspects typical of furniture and design accessories".

K. Collection shows how a flat bolster becomes an opportunity for experimenting and creating many new objects
Giovanni Luca Ferreri


Metal structure with black matte finish.

Oval-shaped glass with medium antique mirrored finish and partially transparent according to a spotted artistic motif.


Size: W. 76 cm, D. 4 cm, H. 110 cm

Size: W. 43” 1/4, D. 1” 1/2, H. 29” 7/8

Code: MCX-GLF-209-15

Fixing metal bars included

Custom made to specifications

Pairs well with Kline console

A meaningful collection thanks to its unique manufacturing and finish

K. Collection

A crossroad of lines draws shapes that change from every perspective of the observer

"A strong cultural background and the passion for art are both the core of this collection" - said Giovanni Luca Ferreri, architect and designer.

"Each collection that I designed shows deep roots into the art world. For K. Collection, I took inspiration from "Arte Informale" movement and its way to artistically treat surfaces. In these surfaces, there is a continuous search for abstraction and shape".

When Glass Looks Like the Lunar Surface

Inspired by Astrology Charts

​Giovanni Luca Ferreri tells all about his K. Collection

"Manipulating the glass surface by corroding its mirrored finishing is a handmade process that can partially be controlled by manual skill. Each drop of salty solution that ruins the thin layer of mirrored finishing is actually a surprise.

The glass reacts differently every time, according to the time gap between the moment when each drop of salty solution touches the surface and when it dries.

This results in a uniquely different, corrosion of the mirrored surface every time. Timing is the key factor in this handmade process".

I Need a Rothko Mirror


Architect and Designer

Giovanni Luca Ferreri


Giovanni Luca Ferreri was born in Monza in 1970.

In 1998 he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic in Milan and in 2003 earned the title of PhD in Architectural Composition at the University of Architecture in Venice. Since his initial training and professional experience he has dealt with art, applied art and decoration. Since 2004 he has been teaching Composition and Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture - Bovisa of the Politecnico di Milano.

He has an office in Milan and an important part of his work involves the design and fitting of private homes.

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