Colour and soft shapes

Good Mood Reboot Collection

Artistic Geometric Engravings on Coloured Glass

Classic engravings combined with venturesome chromatics, to innovatively re-chart a classic of Arte Veneziana. Three-dimensional bursts in the Good Mood Reboot Collection, single or combined, they add personality to the furnishing of home interiors. The possibility of choosing your favourite colour, makes this complement customisable to one's taste.

A call to the sphere of the playful and innocent world of childhood, mixed with soft yet minimal shapes. An invitation to have some fun, playing with finishes and colours capable of expressing the many personalities of the spaces that represent us.

Handmade Modern Nightstand

Coconut Cube Contemporary Nightstand

Multicoloured glass with artistic engravings


Single drawer with push pull opening.

Earth (antique rose or acid green) lacquered plywood structure.

Top with extra-clear acid etched 6 mm thick glass varnished in multicolour and decorated with silver hand engravings.


Geometric motif with mirrored finish engravings.


Size: W. 65 cm, D. 45 cm, H. 50 cm

Size: W. 25” 5/8, D. 17” 3/4, H. 19” 5/8

Code: FNS-LDC-110-80

Custom made to specifications.


The colour may slightly differ from the image as varnishing is an artisanal process.

I Need an Coconut Cube Nightstand


Product Designer

Leo De Carlo


Leo De Carlo was born in Venice in 1972. He graduated in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998. He worked for Philippe Starck in Paris from 1999 to 2003, handling furnishings, lighting, electronics and interior projects.

He returned to Italy in 2003 and went into business on his own. He currently lives and works in Venice.

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