Handmade luxury table

Savant Contemporary style table

Handmade engravings and satin brass


Structure made of wood with black matte lacquered finish.

Four legs structure made of stainless steel with shiny finish.


Engravings of Mostrina decor.

Technical info

Size: W. 250 cm, D. 100 cm, H. 77 cm

Size: W. 98” 3/8, D. 39” 3/8, H. 30” 3/8

Code: FTB-LDC-102-W6010

Custom to specification

I need a Savant table


Product Designer

Leo De Carlo


Leo De Carlo was born in Venice in 1972. He graduated in Industrial Design from the Milan Polytechnic in 1998. He worked for Philippe Starck in Paris from 1999 to 2003, handling furnishing, lighting, electronics and interiors projects.

He returned to Italy in 2003 and went into business on his own. He currently lives and works in Venice.

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