Straight and Crossed Lines

Tour Eiffel

French Style Furniture with a Minimal Approach

The Tour Eiffel furniture collection takes its name from one of the most famous architectural symbols of the world. Arte Veneziana chose to name this collection Tour Eiffel because the main design and etchings recall the straight lines of this grand building.

This French style inspired line is made of different pieces of furniture that have straight lines that bring to mind crosses and a particular finishing called thumbnail bevelling. This kind of work is an artistic bevelling that enriches and better decorates every kind of mirrored furniture.

This collection is the best option for those who love clean lines and a revisited French style.

Handcrafted Luxury Room Divider

Extase French Style Screen

Artistic Engravings and Antique Mirrored Finish Glass


Four panel accordion structure made of wood.

Perimetral edges and back made of wood with silver leafed finish.

Panels made of bevelled glass sheets with medium antique mirrored finish.

Frames made of bevelled and engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish.


Crossed lines motif engravings.

Decorative glass tiles made of bevelled glass on each corner and along the frames.


Size: W. 55 cm, H. 256 cm

Size: W. 21" 5/8, H. 100" 3/4

Code: FSC-AVA-006-2660

Custom made to specifications.

Tour Eiffel Decor

Thumbnail hand bevelling

An Artistic Technique

Handmade thumbnail bevelling is a very particular and artistic way to bevel. Arte Veneziana's glass masters use bigger wheels than the ones they use to engrave glass.

This is the real difference between etching and artistic bevelling. And another thing: the thumbnail bevelling is done on the glass surface rather than the back.

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