Artistic engraving

Meet our youngest master engraver Giulia and dive into his work

This is the time to slow and chill and appreciate the art of a truly Made in Italy artistic manufactory.

Discover the beauty of an antique technique and the magnificence of Venetian glass tradition and our unique Country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Visir wardrobe

Focus on: engraving techniques

Visir wardrobe belongs to the Sharazad family line.

This fairy line tells a story of magic and astonishment, inspired by the main character of one of the world's most famous novel: The Arabian Nights.

Flowers, leaves and sharp etches for the magnificent armoire Sharazad, the huge and precious piece of furnish inspired by the famous princess of The Arabian Nights novel. This wardrobe is a timeless and rich jewel that reminds us of faraway atmospheres and dreamy Arabian nights.

Who does it?


Our youngest engraver

Giulia is 28 years old and was born on the mainland, but the whole family from her father’s side comes from the island of Burano, a family of master glassmakers known as the "Boccolo".

She likes to read biography with a main female character. She share a beautiful husky named Argo with her boyfriend. She is an artist since ages: Giulia has a beautiful tattoo representing a Mandala that she drawn by herself.

Fun fact: She has a platonic love for an Italian tv communicator: the one and only Alberto Angela, a famous documentarist.

Giulia graduated from the Venice Art Institute with a specialization in glass, played the piano for 8 years, presented "Pictorial decorations on Italian harpsichords between the 16th - 17th centuries" as her thesis at university, combining art and music.

She was welcomed into Arte Veneziana in September 2015 and under Lucio's supervision was able to improving her engraving techniques.

The etching technique


Best of Giulia

Giulia's particular skill is Venetian-style engravings, but she would like to specialize in figures with anatomical details such as ladies, knights, animals.

She feels she has perfected her technique, but in this discipline you never really stop learning; new designs and different tools are always challenging you.

With an eye to the future, she would like to try using paints, experimenting and combining the two disciplines to create something innovative.

In today's society, however, which is constantly in motion and where change is just around the corner, it is very difficult to find the patience, precision and self-control for this work.

In the end all the effort is rewarded when, admiring the final work, something inside each of us awakens; emotion.

Signature marks on glass

Grinding wheel

Great skills and precision

Engraving on a lathe with a diamond paste wheel requires great skill from the artisan; this technique allows obtaining very precise marks of various depths, depending on the pressure applied.

The lathe engraving allows to create figures, from anatomical subjects full of details to geometric designs, with clean lines. The only limitation is the physical one as we have to move the glass over the grinding wheel.

A new technique

Pen engraving

The diamond pen gives the artist more freedom

Pen engraving consists of an electric pen with a diamond paste ballpoint, which can be switched if required. Compared to lathe engraving, the result of this technique is flatter and less geometric.

The benefit of pen engraving is the ability of engraving on plates of any size.

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