Giving a shape to wood

The art of woodworking

Meet our carpenter Ivan and dive into his work

This is the time to slow and chill and appreciate the art of a truly artistic manufactory.

Discover the beauty of an antique work the beauty of Venetian glass tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Custom Void table

Focus on: carpentry techniques

Void contemporary style table decorated with handmade engravings of floral motifs.

Structure made of shiny stainless steel. Lower feet and corners made of satin brass. Upper part of the top made of transparent tempered glass.

Outer frame and central part of the top made of clear mirrored glass. Inner frames on the sloped surfaces of the top made of engraved glass with heavy antique mirrored finish.

Who does it?


Carpenter and more

Born in the province of Venice, he approached the world of carpentry as a child, following in his uncles' footsteps.

Ivan is a carpenter full of surprises; as well as working with wood in Arte Veneziana, he is a passionate ski mountaineer, mountain biker and excels at climbing, an activity he loves so much that he teaches it.

Theory and practice


The soul of wood

It is not only manual skills that is needed, for Ivan's job is needed a general knowledge of technology and numbers for using special industrial tools.

The part of preparing the wood and carving, however, is done completely by hand because each type of wood has its own 'soul' that needs to be treated.




Arte Veneziana is always up-to-date on raw materials: glass and wood.

The difficulty is in managing the materials trying to know as many characteristics as possible to create a product that is in line with the times.

Collaboration between carpenters is also very important to optimise time and complete the work in order to facilitate, later, the other..

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