Completing a glass puzzle

The Art of Assembling

Meet our assembler and handyman Manuel and dive into his work

It is time to slow down, chill and appreciate the art of true artistic manufacturing.

Discover the artistry of an antique trade, the beauty of Venetian Glass Making Tradition and our unique country.

Italy and its people.

The master and his art

Custom Visir credenza

Focus on: assembly techniques

The Visir wardrobe belongs to the Sharazad family line.

This family line tells a story of magic and wonder, inspired by the main character of one of the world's most famous Tales; Arabian Nights.

Flowers, leaves and sharp etchings for the magnificent armoire Sharazad, the huge and precious piece of furniture inspired by the famous princess of The Arabian Nights tales. This wardrobe is a timeless and rich jewel reminiscent of faraway places and dreamy Arabian nights.

Who does it?


The handyman

Born in 1973, Manuel has been with Arte Veneziana for almost 4 years.

From the province of Venice, in his 48 years he has been able to work in many different worlds: from the military service, to the family paint shop, on to construction and then to our company.

He enjoys being outdoors tending his vegetable garden, playing with his two children and taking long walks in the Veneto countryside. He also has a passion for fishing, which he tries to do whenever he has a free moment.

The art of assembly


Manuel & his artisan approach

At Arte Veneziana, Manuel is responsible for assembling furniture in the company, at fairs and abroad.

His job consists of joining the various pieces, according to a precise drawing , to create the various products that our company offers. According to Manuel and others, when the furniture starts to take form, the feeling of satisfaction is unexplainable.

What are the benefits?


Experience, precision and concentration

This is an extremely delicate job as the smallest distraction can cause the parts to be assembled incorrectly, resulting in an enormous waste of time.

To do this job, you need to be able to push thoughts out and stay focused for as long as possible, using a soft but precise touch.

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