Artistic Tradition

Art Déco Tardieu Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

There was an increase of Artistic engravings on mirrors due to Futuristic, Neoclassic, Modernist and Cubist movements. A rich and flourishing period in art, jewelry and society from the early Twenties to Forties, the beautiful period called Art Déco.

Handmade Art Déco mirrors are made of clean lines, strips and thumbnails. The peculiarity of this kind of mirrors is that they can be hung both in vertical and horizontal orientation.

Luxury Handcrafted Round Mirror

Tardieu Art Déco Mirror

Handmade Spherical-Shaped Engravings


Structure made of wood with silver antique leafed edges.

Central part made of bevelled glass with medium antique mirrored finish.

Frame made of bevelled and engraved glass with medium antique mirrored finish.


Shiny sphere decorations.


Size: Ø 120 cm

Size: Ø 47” 1/4

Code: MDX-AVA-008-2030S

Fixing metal bars included.

Custom made to specifications.

I Need a Tardieu Mirror

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