Artistic Tradition

Art Déco Wave Mirror

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

There has been an increase of Artistic engravings on mirrors due to Futuristic, Neoclassic, Modernist and Cubist movements. A rich and flourishing period in art, jewellery and society from the early Twenties to Forties, the beautiful period called Art Déco.

Handmade Art Déco mirrors are made of clean lines, strips and thumbnails. The peculiarity of this kind of mirror is that they can be hung both in vertical and horizontal orientation.

Handcrafted Luxury Mirror

Wave Art Déco Mirror

Handmade Engravings and Hand Bevelled Glass Decorations


Structure made of wood and silver leafed edges.

Central part made of glass with medium antique mirrored finish.

Frame made of bevelled glass with heavy antique mirrored finish.

Decorative bevelled and engraved glass tiles along the frame with medium antique mirrored finish.


Wavy pattern engravings.

Decorative fixing screws made of antique brass.


Size: W. 180 cm, H. 110 cm

Size: W. 70" 7/8, H. 43" 1/4

Orientation: Portrait or landscape mode

Code: MDX-AVA-010-99007

Fixing metal bars included.

Custom made to specifications.

Très Chic, Tres Riche

Champs Élysées Family line

Art Déco Blended with Luxury Elements

The Champs Élysées furniture collection is the namesake of one of the most famous places in Paris and perhaps in the entire world. The design line of this collection is as iconic and recognisable as one of the most renowned avenues in the world.

The main characteristic of the Champs Élysées furniture collection is that it consists of long mirrored tiles that recall the long Parisian avenue that leads from the Arch of Triumph to Place de la Concorde. A beautiful example is the round Sole mirror. Other signature elements are the beautiful eagle talons and bear paws that embellish an octagonal table and a French style console.

I Need a Wave Mirror

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