Upcoming Events

Vetralia at Alcova 2024

15 - 21 April, Milan

Vetralia is delighted to announce its participation in Alcova during the Milano Design Week 2024. Located at the landing of the main stairwell at Villa Borsani, the space acts as an antechamber, showcasing two pieces designed by Kiki Goti and made by our artisans. Visit us at the Villa Borsani, Room B08 - 1st Floor

Salone del Mobile 2024

16 - 21 April, Milan

Arte Veneziana, a company renowned for its rich heritage and innovative approach to glass decoration and custom interior design, is back at the show to unveil its newest, one-of-a-kind collections. We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand G22 G24 - Hall 15 to discover our range of furniture that cross the boundaries of design.

Trent Jansen at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery

15 - 21 April, Milan

Vetralia is pleased to present Trent Jansen's work “Magistrato al Sal Nero” at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery during the Milano Design Week 2024. "Magistrato al Sal Nero" is a reflection on what made Venice great during its commercial conquest of the known world: an art-functional metaphor that helps us understand the historical roots of the lagoon city's success as well as its (seemingly) inexorable more recent decline. | Galleria Rossana Orlandi - Via Matteo Bandello, 14, Milan

Tal Waldman at SOLO Creative Room

from 6 april, Pietrasanta

Vetralia is pleased to announce its participation in the SØLO collectilble design show to be held in the centre of Pietrasanta, the renowned sculpture capital of the world. For the special occasion two pieces in engraved mirror and enamel designed by Tal Waldman will be presented: Connect and Beauty.
In these pieces, Tal has imagined fusing an ecosystem of human organs and other living forms that, observed from a distance are transformed into decorative surfaces similar to coral reefs.

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