Murano Collection

Arte Veneziana's jewel in the crown

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A collection of furniture made of small gems that turn from classic Venetian etchings to the traditional and historic furniture to more re-edited and new engravings.

Creations are simple and linear pieces that let the engraving speak. Engraving is the real star of this collection. A typical credenza of Venetian stately homes or a vanity to refresh make-up or even a wine cellar that is precious and unique in its kind to the point that it looks like a real luxury safe.

The patterns on the mirrors, obtained by means of its grinding wheel engraving, feature floral designs or mythological or bucolic figurative scenes.

Moodboard Murano

Inspired by Murano

Murano, the place where glass is the main character

A small island of the Venetian Lagoon, a mistery man wearing a mask and a long black cape, a prestigious entrance hall with lots of mirrored and golden accents and two charming artisans in their tiny atelier. That's the beauty inside Murano Collection. You will be captured by the unique items of this line. Some real jewels in the crown.

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Credenza Arzere Venetian
Make-up desk Avogaria Venetian
Table Biancaneve Venetian
Chandelier Black Rose Venetian
Chandelier Burchio Venetian
Wall covering Cadre Venetian
Nightstand Crisostomo Venetian
Table Cupido Venetian
Credenza Eufemia Venetian
Chandelier Galea Venetian
Chandelier Galeone Venetian
Chair Imperial Venetian
Table Khora Venetian
Screen Levante Venetian
Credenza Madoneta Venetian
Wash cabinet Melville Venetian
Table Putto Venetian
Credenza Salvador Venetian
Sideboard Shirin Venetian
Table Timeless New Classic
Door Tolentini Venetian
Cabinet Vescovi Venetian
Wardrobe Visir Venetian
When I went to Venice, I discovered that my dream had become - incredibly, but quite simply - my address
Marcel Proust

Etching tradition

Venetian decor reinterpreted

The artistic way of engraving

There is an ancient tradition of glass engraving in Venice starting from the 18th century. The technique consists in grinding a glass surface with special tiny wheels to obtain a precise decorative motif.

In the Murano collection the decorative motifs become more modern and new in shapes. The approach is very fresh.

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